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5 Element Yoga - And 5 Element Autumn Workshop 10th November 2pm-5pm

with Verity Sawyer  

5 Element yoga is a fusion of traditional hatha yoga combined with the 5 element meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine.

We will be working with specific yoga poses that correspond with supporting and toning our organs and releasing blocked energy channels.

Working with our subtle energy helps us to identify areas in our body the body’s muscles and tissues (facia) and organs where there is tension, blocks and contractions, if left unattended can lead to both physical and mental illnesses. 

When we are able to do this we are able to feel through what is happening inside our interior and act from a place of developing deeper sensory skills.

I help you become aware of the messages your body is giving you and through releasing energy blockages using Chinese meridian pathways and, specific yoga techniques to address malfunction within the certain areas of the body.



10 November 2pm to 5 pm

The autumn element is about letting go! Just like the falling of the leaves from the trees it is the time to release what we hold onto and begin to understand the very nature of impermanence.

Have you been practicing yoga for a while and would like to learn more about the distinct therapeutic benefits of asana’s (postures) on the body, mind and spirit and would like to use yoga more therapeutically and in-sync with our specific seasons.

This workshop incorporates the wisdom of the five element meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine combined with traditional hatha yoga.

You will learn the therapeutic benefits of the asana’s that correspond with the autumn, (metal element in Chinese medicine) element, discovering which organs are influenced. Each of our organs is governed by the elements of nature and our bodies echoes the changing patterns and seasons.

In this workshop you will experience postures that stimulate and balance this element we will discuss how to recognise the nutritional and emotional imbalances that can occur and lifestyle suggestions that would support you to become more balanced during the autumn.


2pm to 3.15pm            Intro pranayama /Yang yoga sequence

3.15pm to 3.45pm       Discussion, physical and emotional effects of in-balance and solutions.

3.45pm                        Yin autumn sequence and guided meditation around aspects of this element/season


Investment £25    Trainee students £20




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