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International EFT Practitioner, Law of Attraction Expert, Author, Inspirational Speaker. Colin Wyatt is also a Qualified Meditation Teacher, Life Coach & Natural Energy Healer

  • Fully Accredited & Certified International EFT Practitioner
  • International Law of Attraction Expert
  • Certified Life Coach 
  • International Author
  • Experienced Public Speaker
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healer
  • Qualified Meditation Teacher
  • Energy Healer?


Colin’s relaxed, open, friendly personality and approach has aided him to provide not just a service of excellence for his clients but also the highly effective solutions for the elimination of emotional and physical ailments that clients have been dealing with for much of their lives. He has assisted many clients attract life changing results through his Law of Attraction course.

Colin’s deep understanding of life and his ability to assist clients deal with any situation that may arise, is what makes sessions with Colin so powerfully effective, inspiring and educational.

Colin was drawn to helping improve the quality of people's Lives and he made it his life mission to bring awareness to millions of people regarding the limitless abilities each and every one of them possess, giving them the power to move forward and realise their truest, fullest potential.


Colin says: “It is fine to be skeptical when it comes to such a claim that these sessions and courses can eliminate so many things but having used (and still using them) in my life I have seen and experienced it first hand. I was diagnosed with Advanced Ostia-Arthritis but since putting them into action I am now 99.9% free of pain and excited about a positive future!


Colin runs many classes and courses relating to each of his abilities as a healer and can be contacted either through the Mayura reception or directly on: 07737761201.



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