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What is Dance in Yoga?

Dance in Yoga is a graceful and dynamic vinyasa flow performed to specifically created vibrant music.

It's balanced and sequential and designed to journey you through the Chakras from the root to the crown finishing with a deep sealing and grounding meditation. It does require the participant to have some knowledge and experience of Yoga postures as it is not so much a ‘teaching' class as a ‘doing' class.

It is also recommended not to eat for ideally 3 hours beforehand as the class begins with some energising practices such as Kapalabhati and Uddiyana Bandha.

Teacher Training

A Teacher Training Certificate for Dance-in-Yoga is available from the Mayura Yoga Academy. If you are a qualified Yoga or dance teacher you can enjoy the Dance-In-Yoga workshop that is being held on the 26th November as part of the Teacher Training module. There will be an hour prior to the workshop start time and other sessions scheduled to complete the training.

This Teacher Training will allow use of the logo and specially formulated musical soundtracks that resonate with the Chakras for the structured class sequences. Anyone interested to know more please contact Paula directly eaither by email or mobile on  07905270142


"Dance-in-Yoga is a chakra balancing sequence to energise your body, calm your mind and ignite your soul!"

What sets Yoga apart from any other exercise regime is the wisdom within its philosophy and the potent effects this ancient practice has on the subtle body energy. This energy transmits through the Chakra system located along the spine. These points resonate at different frequencies and the Dance-in-Yoga music has been specifically created to resonate with each Chakra in order to awaken energy from Root to Crown.


There will be regular training offered throughout the year for Dance-In-Yoga teachers that already hold a Yoga Teaching Certificate during which we will learn the sequence and the ancient philosophy that makes it so powerful. Teachers that complete the training will then be able to use the Logo and the Dance-in-Yoga music and have the opportunity to feature on our website, listed as a trained a 'Dance-in-Yoga' teacher.



Cost: £

          £ ( For Mayura Academy Graduates and Teachers)


For all enquiries please contact me directly. Namaste


Paula Mayura, Director of Studies
Mayura Yoga School
Contact:, 07905270142



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