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Flowing Health Qi-Gong Workshop


Flowing health Qi-Gong Workshop - Inner peace and sense of renewal

Saturday 5th May 2pm-5pm


Learn simple ways to let go of and dissolve stress, learn to re-connect more deeply with yourself and others. A simple self-healing form ( Hua Gong ) from 2,000 year old QiGong tradition.

In this workshop you will begin to feel more energized and positive and you will learn how to rest the mind. Advanced techniques for relaxation and dissolving stress, practice leading to a sense of inner peace.

QiGong is an energy practise from China with a 2,000 year old history of helping to re-balance the body and mind.



Agenda for the workshop:

History of Qigong, what is Qi/energy, human and Universal explanation.

Yin/Yang principles. Heaven and earth, humans in between the 2 and all about balance. Energy must flow to avoid illness and for prevention.

Standing meditation to sense connection with the Qi around us, with arms in the air (sensing heavenly Qi in the fingers/hands, sensing feet in Earth connected to earth’s energy. 


Re-balancing and re-charging your energy (learn the self healing form.)

Preparation, go through self healing form, explain principles. .


Switching off and resting the mind. (Holding the ball meditation).
Preparation. Self healing form. Q and A.


Allowing the energy to guide you, inspire you and open you up more with movement. (Moving with the Qi and the ball, music.) 


Qigong digestion demonstrate to improve and speed up digestion etc


Breathing for longevity

Sitting well aligned, aware of posture. Breathing “turtle or pulse breathing”. Sense of stillness, relaxing internal organs etc closing meditation, pacifying the heart. Q and A.


 Cost: £45.00

 To book please contact the studio 01702 580713 alternatively email 



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