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Karen Britter


CLICK HERE To watch a video by Karen, guiding you to an understanding of what hypnotherapy is and what to expect from a session.

Karen Britter Therapies - HYPNOTHERAPIST

Karen Britter D Hyp, MIBWRT


BWRT®, Phobias, Smoking, Stress & Anxiety

In 2013, I developed tinnitus and hearing loss in my left ear.  Medical investigations indicated they were caused by stress and anxiety. I went through a course of therapy, sorted myself out and decided I wanted to be able to help people in the same way I had been helped. I enrolled on the prestigious Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Course at the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, where I was personally trained in this art by the founder of the Institute, Terence Watts. I went on to obtain a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have been a Therapist here at Mayura in September 2015 and have become an integral part of the Therapy team.  During this time, I have helped people deal with


·      Physical Pain

·      Emotional Pain

·      Anxiety

·      Stress

·      Depression

·      Low Self Esteem

·      Low Confidence

·      Panic Attacks

·      Grief

·      Family/Partner/Work Relationships

·      And much more


I originally trained as a Hypnotherapist and have continued to add to the Therapies I use ever since.  I regularly travel the country to ensure the techniques I use are the most up to date so you get to experience the latest our industry has to offer.  Because of this I am able to adapt to most situations presented to me and if we find that something isn’t working for you, we just move onto something that does.

Please take the opportunity to look at my website or my Facebook business page Karen Britter Therapies

I offer a free half hour initial consultation so you can decide if Therapy is the right course of action for you and if I am the right Therapist to help you.


To have a quick chat or book an initial appointment please feel free to contact me on: -

Mobile – 07941 349743 

Email –

Web -


I enjoyed my studies so much; I took the opportunity to enrol on additional courses and I am now also fully qualified in other therapeutic methodologies listed below.

Contact Karen directly on 07941 349743 or email  Alternatively visit my website -






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