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Law of Attraction Course

Law Of Attraction Workshops

Level 2 22nd July 10am-6pm



"In order to truly succeed in life you must surround yourself with like minded people"

  -       Colin Wyatt


Colin Wyatt is a Law of Attraction Expert, EFT Practitioner, Healer and Author. Colin specialises in teaching people about the Law of Attraction, how it works and how to get it working for you.


There are some fundamental secrets that most books leave out and Colin shares these in his own unique way. Over the years Colin has taught this knowledge all over Essex and has seen the results not only from what he teaches but also through personal experience.


If you have not heard of Law of Attraction before be prepared for a potentially life altering moment.


We are well aware of the’ Law of Gravity’ and we know what it does if we use this law carelessly (like jumping out of a plane without a parachute). But did you know that there are many more of these Laws which dictate what happens to us in our lives and the reasons we get the results that we do? It’s the exact same Laws in action whether it’s success or failure.


You will learn more about why we get the results we’ve been getting but more importantly how we can change them for a more ‘favorable’ outcome.


Join Colin as he shares with you his background and how he came from obscurity to living an abundant happy life and how all it took for him to achieve this was simply attending an event like the one being offered to you today.


We will show you the theology and also the science behind these hidden Laws and how once you understand and master them, can become the most effective tools you are ever likely to find when it comes to manifesting dreams into reality!

So, come along, where you will be shown exactly why these Law are ‘real’ and giving you some very powerful tools to take away with you and put your manifesting powers into action with a very powerful meditation, Worksheets and fun things.


This evening will be light, full of information and yet entertaining.


It doesn't matter what level you are a Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced or if you are just Curious to learn more about this well kept secret - there will be something for you here.


This evening will provide you with;

•      Important Knowledge

•      Powerful Meditations

•      Great Law of Attraction Exercises (none physical)

•      Proven Law of Attraction Work Sheets 

•      Talking about our experiences

•      and so much more!

This course is simple yet highly educational, highly effective, yet relaxed and relaxed and entertaining.

We use cutting edge, proven techniques, which have worked for tens of thousands of people from all over the planet! You will learn not only why you may not be happy with your life right now, it will show you exactly how to change it!

It takes just 30 days to create a new habit but only a second to make a decision.

When light has been shed on a way forward to an abundant life you love, the only thing you need to say is – “Show Me”

Your chance is Now


- All Welcome - Booking essential - payment to be made at the time of booking

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With Colin Wyatt



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