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Health and wellbeing through Shiatsu


Phillipe Kusnik shares his expertise and insights into health and well-being in this 'hands on' workshop.

Phillipe kusnik has studied Shiatsu for more than 30 years with Doc Tran in paris , as well as Shizuko Yamamoto.  Living in Marseille and running a Shiatsu center for 12 years in marseille / Toulon , Philippe is member of the French Federation FFST in Paris, Shiatsu Macrobiotique.

9th June

3pm-5.30pm - Investment £30.00

  • What is Shiatsu?
  • Understand and improve our wellbeing just by touching accupoints on the body
  • Learn to self diagnose by touching points
  • Find related emotional imbalances-conditions linked to fear, anger, lack of love - using the yin and yang concept
  • Relate our bodies to our environment aand how food can improve peace inside.

10th June

10am-6pm - Investment £50.00

  • Rid health problems like weight gain, sciatica, headcahe, lower back pain, thyroid dysfunction, cramp and insomnia
  • Practice massaging organs via meridians lines-gives whole body massage
  • Strengthening the immune system-learn about how it is connected with the lymphatic sytem
  • Over come sadness, anger and negative emotions and mental attitude
  • Ancestral spiritual practice for clearing using healing vibration and awareness universal law of connectivity

Please call 01702 580713 to book your place and for further information, contact Phillippe Kusnik by email directly on or by telephone +33 (0) 6 03 80 38 83


Come and meet Phillippe to learn how Shiatsu can help you .....


Phillippe Kusnik

'One World' 


In terms of my personal journey with macrobiotics and shiatsu, I was lucky in the 70/80 years to participate in conferences and Shiatsu consultation Shizuko Yamamoto, who had a diagnosis and intuitive way to discover what was not balanced  in the body; She always said if you want to have a sharp mind, you must Practice the body, not just 10 minutes a day; In fact shiatsu treatment though very tonic, put forward the areas of pain, stiffness of the body that needed to be stimulated in order to feel relaxed; Some people said her shiatsu could resemble sometimes a correction rather than a very soft and gentle care; most of the time it used the feet on the body, back, arms, and said he had to use the whole body, which was more balanced that only the thumbs or hands;
I discovered that with practice and treatment of over 3000 people, you could link the pain to specific eating habits, the latter due to their yin or yang kind CREATING symptoms either expansions of tissue or the Conversely contractures that can fairly feel by palpation, revealing imbalances;

For those of you wishing to study oriental diagnosis, there are now books on the subject, as the book of oriental diagnosis Michio Kushi, which certainly applies to pursue his own observation of numerous persons;
See the body in its totality is an important point, because even a person with imbalances may however have a fair sense and a clear and positive appreciation of things in life.

.......  Phillippe  


Annie Nelson,

Mayura Graduate and Teacher and Therapist  ......

"Working with shiatsu massage and nutrition creates an amazing tool to heal the body and bring us back to wellness and where we all should be – positive, energetic and happy.


Philippe Kusnik is the most amazing shiatsu and Macrobiotic practitioner I have come across. He trained in Macrobiotics at the famous Kushi Institute  with Michio Kushi in the 70s. I have personally worked with Philippe at the One World UK festival for the last 7 years and he has been teaching there for over 20 years.


Working with Philippe is like working with a psychic – when I was a demo subject he knew immediately without asking me that I didn’t eat, sugar, wheat or dairy and said was it 6 years ago you gave up sugar which was spot on. All he had done is feel my back!


In the session you will learn all about how to look for signs of dis-ease and areas you need to focus on by working with the meridians – Philippe will be able to advise you how to change your diet for increased vitality and health. Working in pairs you will learn how to do shiatsu massage and how to use Prana or Universal energy to not get depleted by working with clients or family members.


This workshop is a must if you want to learn about Oriental diagnosis and how to prevent blockages or inflammation in the body, the precursor to disease. For anyone working with meridians or teaching Yin Yoga shouldn’t miss this opportunity to have a small workshop with Philippe who lives in Marseille normally and only come to the UK once a year."





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