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Kim Shead Offers Tai Chi every Thursday 9am-10.15am

Centralising Energy

The first element in the triad? of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan focuses primarily in bringing the energy, Chi to settle and concentrate at the Tan Tien point. The primary method in achieving this is through Zhan Zhuang. Every Tai Chi class at Mayura yoga begins with Zhuan Zhang. The mind is quietened, the body relaxes, tension dissolves – mind and body working in harmony.
With regular practice, it grounds, calms, strengthens and centres, working on both mind and body. Even with a little practice you will feel the difference. The health benefits are numerous and as a martial art this is the exercise that builds the power you need to succeed.


Circulating Energy

The use of the relaxed, co-ordinated and linked movements, universally recognised as the Tai Chi Chuan Forms are the most recognised method in which the circulation of Chi can be achieved. The form contains within it flowing circular movements.  Carrying them out with a relaxed body devoid of muscular tension in unison with a quiet mind gives Chi direction, so that it can flow naturally within the body.
As the energy circulates, the mind/body state deepens and you begin to change and grow. This is stillness in motion - just as a whirlwind has stillness at its heart.


Applied Energy

The final and third element of the triad of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan emphasises the application of Chi, rather than its development and circulation within the body. This element takes theory into practice and requires you to trust in and cooperate with a partner, so that experience is gained first hand, of applying Tai Chi Principles into practice. Practitioners call this Gau Sau or the exchange of hands.
Posture testing, Push Hands, and Combat Application all form part of this element of Tai Chi Chuan practice. Partner practice of this nature provides a point of reference to measure your own progress and will ensure you are on the right track. It is an opportunity for both parties to help each other refine movements and postures and gain better insight and understanding of applied energy.



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