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Nikki Nicholas

Yoga and Pilates teacher at the Mayura Yoga Studio

Studying with Paula Mayura at her yoga school was not just a course on instruction, it was the clearing of a pathway. I knew I had a path and this is it.

The time we share and work together as a group is a beautiful experience as each student is encouraged to find their own pace and voice on their yoga journey.

The atmosphere Paula and yoga authentically creates is of mutual support, encouragement and ultimately love. Each individual is treated as such with the utmost care and respect.

The depth of knowledge and experience accessible to us is extraordinary but despite this we are always encouraged to use our own ‘voice’ and to work principally with satya and ahimsa.

There is such joy in watching each other develop and blossom as our teaching progresses.

I write this in the present tense for I know that studying with Paula is for life. Her generosity of spirit ensures that. I look forward to being with Paula and the other Mayura students for as long as I am blessed to be here.

Linda Ananda

Yoga Teacher & Creator of Rainbow Children

Paula is a truly inspirational teacher. During my years of yoga practice I had never been made more aware of my physical body and subtle energy system and the effects of the yoga postures on all levels of my being. The combination of detailed experiential learning, teaching practice and instruction in eastern philosophy and the human energy system, enabled me to deepen and enliven my personal practice and gain the confidence to teach yoga within my classes and one-on-one sessions.

My journey with Paula as my teacher at the Mayura Yoga School has not only been a journey to becoming a unique and confident teacher, but has also been a journey to wholeness, embodiment, self-confidence, recognising my individual strengths and learning to become a channel for the teachings of yoga to flow through to others. I first met Paula when studying ‘Yoga in Dance’ as continuing professional development on my free-form dance (Chakra Dance) teacher training. I had been practicing yoga for many years, but Paula’s teaching instantly made me more aware of my physical body and the subtle energy system and the effects of the yoga postures on all levels of my being. I was so inspired by Paula that I decide to enrol on the full yoga teacher training even though this meant travelling from Devon to Southend for the weekends with my then five month old baby!

Through experiential learning and teaching practice which focussed on preparing the body thoroughly for each posture, I learnt so much about the physical aspects of yoga, the benefits of the postures, the contraindications, modifications and adjustments. Through this ‘felt’ experience of each posture I could then teach from a true depth of knowledge and understanding. I have had a long standing interest in eastern philosophy and the subtle body/human energy system and Paula’s way of teaching this through experience was truly inspiring and it was beautiful to watch others in the group unfolding, opening and ‘lighting up’ with this new knowledge.

During the course we undertook a 3 month personal Sadhana, supervised by Paula. This was a journey of self-discovery and a chance to really look into the effects of deep yoga practice. Paula’s guidance was very supportive and allowed me to see how my emotional and mental blocks/patterns affected my yoga practice and visa versa. I was astounded to experience how on releasing one particular emotional/energetic block that I spontaneously and fully moved into an asana that I had previously not been able to attempt.

This experience led me to training as a movement healer and my discovery of my gift for creating beautiful yoga nidra experiences for others during the teacher training led to me training as a hypnotherapist; both of which I now integrate into one-to-one sessions with my students.

My time with the Mayura yoga school and the encouragement of creativity and drawing out of my unique style of teaching has also led to me creating a new yoga, dance, movement and storytelling format for children ~ Rainbow Children .. The stories that I have created have been published, and I am now offering teacher training and franchise opportunities to enable other yoga teachers to share this.

I am planning to continue this wonderful journey with the advanced teacher training.

Lauren Fuller

Yoga & Partner Yoga Teacher & Graduate of Mayura Yoga School

I had been practicing yoga for years & after completing the Mayura Yoga Foundation Course I wanted to learn more. Paula mentioned the Teacher Training Course, but I was worried about taking on too much with family commitments & work. Paula assured me that I was capable & ready for the course & she explained what the course entailed. I was also concerned that I hadn't studied since leaving school (25 years!) again Paula had every confidence in me, so with plenty of support I agreed!


I am so pleased I did it, I have proved to myself that if I put my mind to anything I can achieve it! I have made great friendships on the journey, we became a bonded unit & the support of the group through the loss of my mum was unconditional & helped me greatly through such a difficult time.


I would like to thank Paula for making me believe in myself & encouraging me & all her support throughout the course, making it enjoyable, interesting & achievable. I am happy & proud to say that I am now a qualified Yoga teacher!


Lauren Fuller

Suzannah Safwat

Yoga Teacher, Crystal Healing, Holistic Therapist & Graduate of Mayura Yoga School

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole 18 months from the information learned, through to the special unbreakable bond I have with my yogi group and teacher.  I've not only learnt more about yoga, and the safe teaching of it, I've learnt more about myself in a positive way.  My yoga journey was not always supported by my nearest and dearest but it has altered the dynamics of it for the  better.


The past 18 months has seen a positive change in not only me, but my marriage, my kids in the information they pick up and hopefully with the Rainbow children many other little souls on this earth.


The 4 modules guide you very gently through the process from learning about the body and teaching one posture to the subtle body energy and taking a whole class.  The philosophy is interesting and important for you to really integrate yoga into your daily life.  The essays are enjoyable as they incorporate you and your feelings on the subjects.  For me I loved the chakras and nadi sessions of the course as they resonated with my other therapy knowledge.  The course meet ups are fun and bonding.  I will miss them.

Since our final assessment in Portugal, I have a new found interest in practicing my yoga early in the morning.  Getting up a little earlier than everyone else, I take myself away to my treatment room, roll out my mat and stretch before practicing the Earth Sequence to set my calm mood for the day or a Surya Namaska to energise me for the morning mayhem.  I may not do loads, I just do what my body feels like doing.

I can fully recommend anyone who is considering opening more to yoga, even if they never end up teaching, to do this course, it is a wonderful and powerfully enlightening journey that will enrich your life's path - it has mine and I will never forget it.

Mandy Williams

Yoga Teacher & Graduate of Mayura Yoga School

I so enjoyed this course, although I really wasn't sure what to expect.  I'd been practicing yoga for 5 years and felt ready to enhance my knowledge and pass it on to others.  The course was interesting, a challenge and, at times, fun! The homework wasn't too intense and we were encouraged to revise together and pick up tips from each other.

Our group bonded really quickly, although I was at an advantage as I attended it with my husband and we already knew a few of the students from Paula's classes.  As there were only 12 of us in the group it wasn't too intimidating and Paula was still able to give us individual attention if needed.

Paula made us all feel really welcome and soon put us at ease.  She really does have a lovely calm manner and made each and everyone of us feel special. She made it clear that we could come to her at any time with any questions or just for advice.

Our individual teaching practices were a real challenge for some, especially those that had no teaching experience to date.  With the support of the whole group, everyone soon got over their nerves and before long were enjoying the inter-action of the group and felt at ease teaching each other.

I found the whole learning experience much easier than I'd imagined I would, given I hadn't done any kind of study since my school days ( quite a few years ago!), I was really concerned I'd be too slow, or wouldn't understand most of it, but Paula has a unique way of teaching that puts you at ease and enables you to take in the information easily, with the aid of props, hand-outs and group practice.

Our graduation holiday in Portugal was the highlight of the course.  By then we all knew each other well enough to have no nerves or embarrassment when teaching our final practice, instead we each looked forward to enjoying each other's classes and encouraged each other to reach this final hurdle.  The relief when we'd all passed was immense!  We then went on to enjoy a celebratory meal followed by music and dancing! We enjoyed this experience so much we didn't want it to end and were all sorry when we finally had to part.

Since graduating, I have been teaching 5/6 classes a week and have built up a small following of loyal students.  I feel I have come a long way from those early days of teaching and have learnt a lot through my teaching experiences.  I no longer need to have a planned class and tend to just follow my instincts and to allow the class to flow, being intuitive to what each class needs, and gauging the class's mood or energy.  I so enjoy teaching and passing on my knowledge but feel that I'm forever the student as I'm still learning every day.  I constantly dip in and out of my many yoga books and when time allows I love to attend other classes and workshops to enhance my skills.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about yoga and has a passion to teach.

 Mandy Williams




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