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the mayura name

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit the word Mayur means peacock, and these creatures were considered to be sacred. When I heard the legend of Krishna, I drew from it a strong symbolic value that I recognised in my experience in my Yoga practice – the process of transformation.

Krishna, as a small boy was playing in his garden with peacocks running around. King Kansa was aware that there was a spiritually powerful baby boy and wanted him killed. The King sent a snake to kill Krishna, but the peacocks loved Krishna and protected him and ate the snake, unaffected by its venom.
Extraordinarily, healthy peacocks have the ability to eat poisonous snakes, plants and trees without causing themselves harm – they transform the poison into nourishment.

The spirit of a creature able to swallow life’s poisons and transform them into something good is a valuable one to emulate.

This process of transformation from within can be likened to the effects of Yoga.
I was surprised to discover that we humans are also able to ingest poisonous venom if we have healthy intestines with no perforations. Symbolically, being healthy from the inside is where strength lies.

Yoga practice has a transforming effect on our whole system, making us physically and mentally strong and agile and on the deepest levels of our being awakening, enlivening and balancing the flow of Prana (life energy in the subtle body) through the Chakras (energy centres in the subtle body).

This free flow of internal energy directly affects our overall sense of well-being and spiritual buoyancy. Reflecting brightly from the inner Self and perhaps the human spirits ability to digest life’s traumas and transform them through purification towards a positive outcome



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