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Yoga Therapy Course

Yoga Beginners' Course

An introduction to Yoga - 5 weeks beginners’ course.
Saturday 12January – 09February 2019
Investment: £50 (for the 5 weeks)

Ever pondered on attending a yoga class and simply thought “I’m just not flexible enough, strong enough, I can’t relax, it’s all just too weird, it’s too soft”??
Many of the above, along with many more, are comments that frequently get expressed or simply thought & none of them are specifically true.
Yoga is a science that has been around for thousands of years, holding deep history, philosophy and wisdom.
It’s benefits physically, mentally, emotionally all hold scientific evidence of aiding ourselves into a more balanced life and thus why it is something,
in many of its forms, that is now becoming more and more popular worldwide.
If you have perhaps ever thought any of the above and yet still wanted to try, then this course is for you!
Stuart Peffer (Senior Yoga Teacher & Mayura Academy Tutor) will lead you on a 5-week introductory course to yoga (initially led more from the physical aspects).
Explore styles of postures (asana’s) and learn how to prepare the breath, body and mind to start out safely on what is personal and unique journey to
each of us individually, through a full practice.
Modifications and aids will be suggested and further challenges for those not quite feeling their own edge offered too.
Sign up and join us here at Mayura and after completion of the 5 weeks, then review those initial thoughts and feelings again.




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