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Hatha is a principle form of yoga suitable for all, including beginners. The word hatha translates as ‘ha’ meaning ‘sun’, and ‘tha’, meaning ‘moon’. This refers to the balance of masculine and feminine energies that we all have flowing through us. Hatha Yoga is therefore a path toward creating balance of mind, body and soul. Practising this form of yoga will promote flexibility, calmness and clarity of mind. It incorporates asanas (postures), pranayama (regulated breathing) and meditation .


What characterises Ashtanga Yoga is the dynamic interconnecting postures that create a sense of flow (Vinyasa) and movement between the static Asana of Hatha Yoga. There is also a particular type of breathing that is done with each movement. And the movement between the postures are just as important as the postures themselves. Ashtanga yoga postures are a series of postures that are always done in the same order and performed with a particular breathing pattern (Ujjayi) The definition of vinyasa is movement synchronised with breath. The purpose of vinyasa is to purify the body by increasing circulation and body heat. Vinyasa really facilitates flexibility, and tendon and muscle strength, some of the benefits of Ashtanga include stress relief and improved flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance, all of these can be built gradually at a steady pace.


Hot Hatha is so-called as it's yoga held in a room heated to approximately 30 - 35 degrees celsius (not to be confused with Bikram Yoga which is performed at 42 degrees).

The heat helps you reach new levels of opening up the body which allows prana (life-force) to travel through the nadis (conduits for energy) and release blockages in the body, it also helps develop strength and flexibility and raises the heart rate, and sweating helps the body to release toxins. It leaves you with a feeling of youthfulness after only a few sessions! (and also aids weight-loss!)

It is recommended not to eat for two hours before a class and to hydrate the body beforehand, it's advisable to replenish the body's lost fluids with water or ideally an energy drink or some coconut water.


A slow, mindful yoga class for any level from beginners to teachers. This class is therapeutic to all the systems of the body, connecting the mind and the body through the breath. The session focuses on the subtle energies of the chakra system to revitalise the physical body and always finishes with a yoga nidra to consciously relax the mind and body.



A Sivananda class works through a series of uncomplicated postures that encourage the body's organs and systems to rejuvenate and revive. 

The classes are based around a flow of yoga postures and always end with deep relaxation by candlelight. They are designed to send you home feeling more alive in your own body, and ready for a good night's sleep. They are suitable for any level of experience, and even complete beginners, as you will work towards your own body's potential. You will learn to relax into your yoga and you'll love the new you!



Therapeutic Yoga, as offered at Mayura Yoga Studio, is an evolving integration of many Yoga approaches and techniques that Derek has found beneficial in over forty years of seeking to keep well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through Yoga practice.

His intention is to gently help every participant gain sufficient degree of self-awareness to become capable of their own conscious self-healing.



TLC Yoga Class is suitable for anyone finding it difficult to get up and down from the floor easily and therefore attending a general Yoga class could present problems. Suitable for those who are post-operative, injured or with reduced mobility due to arthritis, ME.  

We will be working in a circle on chairs with an anti-arthritic warm-up sequence to increase mobility in the joints without strain. Various creative modifications of Yoga postures will be offered to accommodate any restrictions in the group. We will be developing breathing practices to expand lung capacity and better oxygenate the systems, organs and muscles of the body. Meditation and relaxation techniques will be incorporated to induce a calm and peaceful state of mind...and can all be done from a chair! Our aim is to leave you feeling stretched but chilled.



Yin yoga is a unique form of yoga using long-held floor-based postures to deeply open up the hips, pelvis and lower back. It combines yoga postures with meridian theory and taoist philosophy to increase flexibility, the mobility and agility of the joints, stillness of mind and cultivate harmonious balance in the energy body. A perfect complement to more yang forms of exercise (such as running, swimming, ashtanga yoga or a busy hectic lifestyle).



Hatha Yoga in pairs, enhance your Yoga experience by sharing it with another. No need to come in a pair. All levels welcome.

Partner Yoga runs once a month on a Saturday 15:30-17:00. The next date for Partner Yoga is running on Saturday 30th June.


Pre-natal yoga offers a gentle informative yoga practice with appropriate adaptations tailored to you.

Whether you're 7 weeks or 7 months, it is never too soon or late to join this specially designed class to help you make the most of you're pregnancy experience. Come along and enjoy:

  • Bonding with your Bump
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Keeping your body supple
  • Improving your posture
  • Learning breathing techniques preparing for and for use in labour
  • Helping to relieve the common minor ailments of pregnancy
  • Learning to relax and to promote restful sleep
  • promoting your positivity and empowering you for the birth process
  • Relieving any stress and anxieties, sharing your experience and making new friends


A class for mums and babies from 6 weeks to 9 months or crawling.

The post partum period is an incredibly special time for mothers and babies. This class embraces this unique period, helping you adjust to and enjoy this time of great change. Exploring new ways to relate and connect with baby, this specially developed Yoga class will support you in healing and returning your body to its strong, healthy pre-pregnancy state, whilst sharing and engaging with your baby. The practice is designed to help relieve the natural stresses felt during this time and offer practical relief for its associated tiredness for both mum and baby. Post-Natal Yoga includes gentle exercises, postures, movements and breathing techniques and provides you with the tools to take home and sustain the wellbeing of you and your baby as your bond grows 

Benefits for Mum:
Builds patience and inner calm
Rejuvenates the mind and increases energy
Provides an opportunity to connect with other parents
Strengthens back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
Relieves tension in shoulders and neck and back

Benefits for baby:
Yoga lays a wonderful foundation for baby’s health and well – being
Helps baby sleep better
Helps relieve colic and aids digestion
Touch and movement give powerful multi-sensory stimulation




Liz Horn offers a monthly Saturday afternoon Gong Sound Bath...



Postnatal Yoga Course